Plans For June

We’ll it looks like this week we are finally going to catch up and actually get our new website relaunched over the weekend.

I have been chipping away at it a little bit at a time to get the main core items take care of and I think that just making the website more user friendly will help to also make it clear what we offer …and even what we don’t.

I also hope to go all out in June to develop a full blown map search that should really put us right in the top 5 best MLS solutions available (and #1 solution for developers)….also immediately after the maps are done we plans on adding/integrating optional sugar, vtiger, and top-producer config-panels right into our core so that we have most everyone covered with their CRM of choice.  We may however make these items as add-ons.

Speaking of addon’s we plan on integrating our addon installer soon as well….  Remember to visit WP Realty for the Best Real Estate Plugin For WordPress

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