Another great week at RETS PRO!

Today we completed another successful round of promo’s to Vancouver and MFR Florida and I want to thank everyone who took advantage of this wonderful opportunity.  With that said – I’m also looking forward to working with everyone to get their websites all setup and confirmed with their local BOR.
(Skype = webinjones  or call 512-879-1993 )

I also thinks it’s time that some of these BOR’s to get their heads outta their asses by not scaremongering their own members,  as in the case with the Greater Vancouver BOR’s RETS Compliance dept.  We have had many independant customers (since 2009) that have bought and use our software for that BOR, and even a local Vancouver web development company develops local real estate sites there using our software – SO – why all the hub bub from them over our email promo yet again 6 month later when we run another promo?

Here’s why – they want to “assume” that we have an illegal data feed because we still won’t tell them who we are partnered with as a reseller (its called a NDA people)(furthermore any compliance dept worth their salt should be able to trace the IP’s to bypass my said NDA – hint hint “idiots” I  swear, where do they get these people? ).

Here’s the skinny – We do the front end selling and if they host with us/our partner then our partner gets his split and I get my sale. Our partner still has to claim the client and submit for approval – the EXACT same thing/way if we were reselling a completed IDX Broker/3’rd party web site except in this case we are selling our software to the customer and they can then get their own credentials for 250 per year and host wherever they want to (which 3 out of 4 did that very thing from the last promo) or they can host with our partner for 200 per year as their “hosted” RETS client –  SO –  All sites are 100% compliant and only being used by approved realtors – Anyone that’s too “thick-in-the-head” to get that just isn’t worth my time talking to – period.


ANYwho…..moving along…..We have just about wrapped up our newest 3.0.7 version and are testing it with the Brand New Listings Alerts Module!…(finally!)…

On a final note…   I can’t wait to see how goes for next week’s WordPress Real Estate Pugin promo for – MRIS –  90k active listings – with 40k emails! and their BOR has their shit together! They charge their members a one-time setup fee of 500 dollars – have to approve the site prior to going live – Done! and since we’ve already had our New MRIS partner’s site approved, these clone setups will be nothing more than rinse and repeat for the end client to get theirs approved…….which is exactly what Greater Vancouver should be doing instead of questioning the “brand-of-software” being used to fetch the data with – lmao….people.

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