Bad Bots

Well I have just spent the better part of today creating a new Honeypot project for these damn bad-bots, web-scrapers and spam-bots etc. What a freaking pain in the ass it can be keeping these “non-human” AI-Bots away from my servers!

I already block literally thousands of IP’s from entire countries such as China, Nigeria, etc. (about 30 countries) Plus+ I occasionally have to dig into the server logs to find out what kind of new bots are ignoring the rules and then update their entire IP range to keep them from hitting all of the sites at one time and crashing the server as has been the case recently.

I have already just updated to block 4 more bad-bots today along with all their know entire IP ranges so hopefuly we will be good to go while I collect more data from my honeypot ip collection.

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