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I know it’s been awhile since my last update on our WP Realty 3.0 project so below is a summary of what has taken place over the last year.

Right after our programmer delivered us a completely rewritten 3.0 core (Feb-2011) he left us for greener pastures (took a better paying job).

We then quietly worked on (parts) of our 3.0 project and tried to figure out the best way to approach to take with this new solution. We always intended to develop it first as a wordpress real estate plugin but then eventually also for Joomla and Drupal, but this all lead to exploring even more options and ideas that consumed several months of R&D.

At first I thought I wanted to move our entire core code inside of SugarCRM as a Real Estate Module – so I then spent several months and over 10k testing and building a new SugarCRM form builder module – that will now just remain a separate WordPress SugarCRM Plugin . My final conclusion was that SugarCRM is just not suitable for the average consumer and that it’s just so bloated with unnecessary code thus rendering its interface as a “painfully slow experience” that consumers would hate using.

After I tossed the idea of moving our core into SugarCRM I decided to look at what to do next. This is when our original programmer contacted us and said he was down sized and could work for us again and during that same week I got a major, well funded, project that landed in my lap– Perfect Timing – as if it were all meant to be this way. So, with the stars all aligned, we spent the first month going back over our core code and adding in a bunch of new mysql tables and new options etc. so that we could build out this new clients project using our new 3.0.

As of this post; we are right now building our new admin panel for 3.0 and should have it completely done within a couple of weeks – and I have to say – I haven’t been this excited about a project in years, maybe ever! The way this thing is looking and the new options that we have bundled into this is going to leave our competitors green with envy – “all of them!” – I want to show and tell the world what we have so bad that it’s killing me not to spill the beans right here and now! But I know I can’t show and or give away any more details until we go live because I don’t want to give away any new ideas to our competitors – but – I will just say this, our client is so excited that they are trying to pay me to not sell it to anyone in their market for 5 years!

So I know what everyone wants to know now is “When?” when is it going to be available? Well I am shooting for our first release to be no later than Jan. 1 – and it will go on pre-sale about 2 weeks prior to its release date so check back around the middle of December for more information.

I will post some screen shots and even a mini video soon so that you can get a glimpse of what is coming – look for them here around the first week of Dec. Of course I won’t be showing off any details of our new features/options until we are ready to take pre-sales.

Oh – and on a final note* I will be releasing a brand new WordPress Real Estate Theme with our new 3.0 release.

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