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Another stupid person that I need to rant about!

Well if you’re in the website building business you already know what I’m about to say is true – some people just plain SUCK!  You can verbally tell them something but they are the kind of people who chose to hear what they want and believe that when you say RED you really mean BLUE.

I just had a customer call me up earlier this week and ask if me if I would still give them the Promo deal I was offering from 4 months ago – I said well….”sure” but you will need to wait until the end of the week before I can get to it to do all of the updates since its not been updated in over 4 months and so I should have it done by the end of the week.

Well after playing games with the PayPal payment and after writing all sorts of BS messages within PayPal I confronted the guy today on skype – and he actually had the nerve to try to tell me how I should run my business and more or less also called me a liar when he sent me a video showing his site wasn’t working like the demo (dumbass didn’t even bother to refresh his page or flush his local cache before he attempted to make his video) because I immediately sent him the live link in skype – and- lol -he then told me “your must have just done that!” –  “admit it, you just fixed it this instant!” NO douche bag I fixed it all late Friday night (at the end of the week like I said I would) and it took me over an 2 hours and not 5 seconds – thus insulting me again by more or less calling me a liar!

Just for the record –  I told him that he apparently doesn’t appreciate the discounted 75% off promo purchase I gave him and that I don’t have time for playing PayPal games, I don’t appreciate being more or less called a liar and or telling me how to run my business and so while doing all that I immediately refunded the asshole, cancelled his hosting, deleted all of his shit off my server and banned him from the client area, forums, skype and as a customer for life!

This experience just confirms why low priced bottom feeders are just not worth your time – they always want the lowest priced deals, beg you to do shit for them that no one else would ask you to do and then they have the balls to try to tell you what you’re doing wrong – I have a saying “every time I bend over backwards I get screwed in the ass” and fortunately I was able to nip it in the ass before this two-bit bum took me down the miserable rabbit hole he dwells in.

Whew …..I’m at least feeling a little better now that I’ve got all of that out there since what I really wanted to tell the guy was not nearly as PG rated as what I wrote above, but at least sharing this here makes me feel a little better…..but I’m still feeling like I might need to use a baseball bat….or mowing the lawn will probably do it as well. 🙂