WP Realty Plugin update

Wow – what a huge week its been and I’m super glad to see it come to a end!

This last week I found myself in need of setting up 3 new servers and moving clients around and having to deal with all of the fun of dns clustering the servers together and then finding out that one had a memory leak and the other had a bad sector in the disk causing that one to have to be replaced ……finally got all the server issues behind me now and I can once again focus on the plugin and getting the work load caught back up. Speaking of work load – again Wow! – we had 5 new MLS markets to get built out last week and we actually managed to squeak out 2 and hopefully by the end of the night tonight I will manage to get a third market mapped out so that I can get it done by Tue.

I would imagine that sometime by the end of this week we will get the wp realty plugin completed as well since we are going to be using it in a production site that is scheduled to be completed by the end of the week as well….so keep your fingers crossed that there are now server problems this week with these new servers and we will be rolling again on all 4 wheels.