Chad Broussard

Just doing some searches again to see where my name Chad Broussard was ranking and I seem to have dropped down to the middle of the page 1.

Who is Chad Broussard?
Well to start with I am a father of (2) wonderful kids and the husband of the best wife and “mom” in the world.

Where does Chad Broussard live?
Currently I’m living in the great state of SC in a little town called Pawleys Island, but I have lived all over the USA from the east coast, west coast, Alaska down to the Gulf state of Texas, from where I was born.

What do I do for a living?
I have several website projects that I own but for the most part I am currently a web developer who specializes in SEO and SEM – thus the reason I am writing all of this is so that I can push my rank back up for my name and so that I can fill in all of the needed content here to help do just that – in fact that’s probably enough words here to weight this post for the one new link I added in the first sentence.

Whats next for Chad?
A brand NEW version of my code re branded as “RETS PRO” and plus I plan on selling my home within the next 24 months and moving to Florida where I intend on becoming a Realtor (look out Marco Island and Naples because I’m going to OWN your city real estate rankings! muwhahahahaha =)

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