Joomla Real Estate

Joomla Real Estate

Joomla Real Estate Pro is our latest venture due out in late Jan/Feb.  We are just finishing up our new 3.0 core and I am about to send it off to my Joomla programmers (same programmers we used 2 years ago) to have everything integrated into Joomla 1.6.  While I know this is still a couple of months away I’ve decided that its time to start pumping in some relevant search phrase links early on so that we can capture all of the page one rankings within the next 90 days.

Joomla is not my favorite due to its complexity for our own clients but I’m remaining hopeful that the new 1.6 version will be a little cleaner and easier for the end user trying to use it.

Anyone reading the latest news about WordPress however will know that for the second year in a row WordPress has won the CMS hall of fame award again. –  It just goes to prove that it is the fastest growing CMS out there.

I should also just go ahead let all of the drupal fans know “we haven’t forgotten you!” – we will be working on that immediately after our Joomla programmers get started so that our eta right now is Feb/March (or sooner) so keep an eye out for our announcement and FYI it will be written for the new Drupal 7.0

2011 – is going to be a GREAT year!

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  1. Josh
    Josh says:

    I’m a Real Estate Broker based in Indiana looking for to build a FSBO site for Indiana home-sellers. I’m built a few sites in Joomla and have looked at EZ Realty as an option for my FSBO site infastructure. How will Joomla Real Estate Pro compare with EZ Realty? Also, I’m not opposed to using WordPress as my CMS, so how would WPRealty compare with both of these options? Any thoughts or comments would be welcomed.



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