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I released the WP Realty beta 3x last week and it is selling like crazy.  The forums participation in just 3 days is enough to tell me that this thing is going to fly on its own now with people already helping each other and now that we actually have web developers and programmers buying the product and helping us to find the remaining bugs it’s moving along very quickly towards a stable release. These developers are actually in there helping others with their questions (it’s a beautiful thing to see) – what a difference this version is compared to the old 2x version.

What’s left to be done?
As far as our core is concerned there really isn’t that much left – I should have all of the remaining core features in there and a stable release made by the first of March.

I think I will have just over 1200 hours of my unpaid time and over 25k invested by then and easily another 6 to 10k to still spend this year in miscellaneous features and modules. And to think – I did all of this with no capital – no loans – no investors.  I just did what is known as using a shoestring budget, in other words I paid as I went using only the money I earned from building client websites and working 14 to 16 hrs a day for over a year – lol just thought I’d throw this next question out there – “do you think I am a conservative or a liberal? “  Yeah – if you said conservative you’d be right!  I have zero tolerance for the Occupy Movement or anyone else who wants to take more of my life’s sacrifices to use to give to those who basically do nothing but use excuses for their economic disparities. Those that demand from us who worked twice as hard and sacrificed everything to become successful to then be held accountable to a Marxist system needs to be deported to the communist country of their choosing – now that’s an extra tax/fee I would gladly pay for!

So – I just thought I would add that if you were possibly offended by my pro capitalist, anti Marxist views and wanted to support something more in line with those who prefer “something for nothing” there is the choice of “free code” available over at – To the best of my knowledge they are the ONLY Free “unencrypted” Real Estate Solution that is even available anymore.  I also want to say that they have a great “free code spirit” and great “free code” ideas but I seriously doubt any of them are Marxist/Socialist or subscribe to that ideology.  I do know however that they would appreciate any and all code and monetary donations to help further their code development to eventually be able to compete with the other commercial code out there.

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