Linkedin And SEO

Well today I decided to update my profile Chad Broussard and while I was added added another company name called WordPress Real Estate Plugin.

I’m really curious to find out just how powerful Linkedin can be so I decided to do a little SEO testing on it to see just how fast I can rank for various phrases.

On another note, I have been trying to figure out if I should go ahead and register a couple of domains that included the word “WordPress” as part of the domain name. I have tried to get WordPress to go after a couple of my competitors that are using the “wordpress” name in their domain names and thus far after several attempts I can see no enforcement being made.

On a final note, I’m excited to announce our latest WPR3x version is finally ready to be released as a stable version! We are finally able to start working on our new Google maps search module as well as our new CRM module that should be available soon as beta versions. I have been extremely busy over the last couple days doing several videos that I plan to publish by the end of this week. – Oh and one more thing – if pr-esales are any indication of what’s to come for this year then we are going to have a really, really good year!

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