New Enterprise Real Estate Solution!

Have you ever looked around to “purchase” a real estate solution that did at least 90+% of every option you’ve ever dreamed of only to find out that it doesn’t exist?  Well that is about to change!  As of this post I have already begun on a brand NEW website that will be offering this called “RETS PRO“.

I have spent over a month researching the best way to go about doing this and have decided on using the php framework called “Yii Framework“. Building on this will allow for rapid development on an extremely well documented framework that is not only light but, compared to the other frameworks, also FASTER .

What does this mean for the WP Realty project?
The WPR project will continue on as a “less expensive” WordPress Real Estate Plugin that will more or less be a “lite version” compared to the new RETS PRO version.

What will the main differences be between the 2 products?
First is price -WPR will continue to cost around 1k+ and RETS PRO will be around 5k+.
The Price difference reflects the more powerful options that will be coming with RETS PRO.
(If I had to summarize the main differences in just 2 words “Think dsIDX” because basically I will be putting together a solution that will be like owning your very own dsIDX master software, complete with api key generator etc.)

Will there be any options to transfer from WPR to RP?
Yes, there will be the option to take the discount of what the current value of WPR is and subtract that from the current price of RP and that will be the cost to upgrade to a new account at RP.

When will RETS PRO be available?
We have already begun the process and ETA is around 6-Months – (Aug-Sept) – or sooner!
Pre-Sales will begin as soon as we have Alpha version up and we’re certain we will be able to release the Beta within 60 days. Typically these initial offerings start at 50% Off the launch price and I may even post on so that everyone can see the progress and participate in the funding as early as Mid-March.

How can I stay informed about the progress of both projects?
Bookmark this site for now and then I will be posting all of the new social links here as well so that you can follow us on twitter or what ever your favorite platform you use the most.

*Stay tuned ……more “Enterprise Real Estate Solution” information will be posted at least twice a month as I begin to do all of my pre-launch Gorilla SEO articles prior to launch.

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