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I built the Chad Broussard  website several years ago as a place that I could use to express my views, thoughts and opinions on everything from simple day-to-day life issues, to politics etc. but most importantly my work related challenges and all that comes with dealing with real estate websites and various customer(s) projects (the-good-the-bad-and-the-ugly).
What I love the most about having my own website here is that I never have to worry about offending anyone and having any of my social accounts turned off due to not being PC enough – its simple, don’t like what I have to say? then just click on the exit-X link in your browser tab! – but if you’re curious and want to keep up with my rants on life as “a politically conservative web developer” (you’ve been warned lol =) then follow me via the RSS link in the sidebar.

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RETS PRO – WordPress Real Estate Plugin

Only WordPress Real Estate Plugin for sale without limitations!

I’ve been so damn busy with life and getting out a ton of new code/features these last several months, that I’ve completely forgotten to do any SEO!

So here is the status as of today Sept 22nd for the main phrase – WordPress Real Estate Plugin


SO – what is the game plan?

  1. Evaluate the competition to see whats working for them and how my site stacks up.
    (thus allowing me to see what I need to do to push up my rankings) – CHECK
  2.  Dust off my article spinner and setup my ScrapeBox Automator  to auto submit them to my sites.
  3. Schedule auto-reminders to remind me to manually publish spun articles to 3rd party sites.
  4. Buy some SEO gigs (not going to say which ones here – sorry)
  5. Setup my affiliate program on RETS PRO (then publish a few “Top 10 Real Estate Plugins for 2017”)
    (Note* doing the affiliates and Top 10 will show the other affiliate marketers how to market our plugin so that they will continue to include our plugin within their own reviews since they all are just looking for affiliates to market anyway = more free exposure + sales – cool right?)
  6. Finish up converting site to https:// as well as adding to the CDN etc.

That’s just and overview of what I’m about to do – I will continue to update this post every few days to discuss how many hours I spend doing each step as well as giving more details to each of the steps being taken so that all of you can follow along to see just what it takes to DIY your own SEO!


Step #1 – As of this post I’ve spent at least 4 hours today analyzing my competitors and then my own site in order to see whats what.
The process went something like this:

  1. First I ran a few scans on my site using various “free” seo tools to make sure the sites local SEO scores were within margins. I found that I have at least 2 to 3 hrs worth of “On-Site” SEO work to get done as well as converting over to https://.
  2. Next I ran some back-link checks on my site as well as most other competitor sites on page 1 and 2 of google search results.
  3. Spent another 2 hours reviewing competitors sites to mine and making a list of To-Do’s, similar to my overview above.

Currently – working on creating and setting up my spun articles so that I can set them up for automation – also going to produce a couple of YouTube videos that I can black hat the shit out of and will go more into details on how that’s done once I get them uploaded –



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