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I built the Chad Broussard  website several years ago as a place that I could use to express my views, thoughts and opinions on everything from simple day-to-day life issues, to politics etc. but most importantly my work related challenges and all that comes with dealing with real estate websites and various customer(s) projects (the-good-the-bad-and-the-ugly).
What I love the most about having my own website here is that I never have to worry about offending anyone and having any of my social accounts turned off due to not being PC enough – its simple, don’t like what I have to say? then just click on the exit-X link in your browser tab! – but if you’re curious and want to keep up with my rants on life as “a politically conservative web developer” (you’ve been warned lol =) then follow me via the RSS link in the sidebar.

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Chad Broussard |Busy day today!

Monday’s right?  What a busy day today has been! – best part is I’ve already taken care of the expensive and “required” part of my day and now I get to move onto the best part where I have to actually work on client projects without allowing myself to get side tracked.

Writing here as well as most of my social profiles is now part of my Mon/Wed/Fri scheduled task so that I can regain all the SEO ground I lost over the last year.

This article is just an average display of writing enough content to help move my Chad Broussard name back up to the first page again…and it’s really just  a matter of putting in about 30 min per week for the next 4 to 6 weeks and add in 2 links back here per week and that should do it for another couple of years.

And even though my name Chad Broussard is having to compete with the LA boxer, it shouldn’t take too much to get back up to the top rankings again especially when I load up sentences like I did right there – So cool how easy this stuff really is to do – on to the next website to make another quick post.

Chad Broussard   ……and see there…I did it again 🙂


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