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RETS PRO is a brand new website we are launching to re-brand our WPR3x name on. This is something that we should have done in the very beginning but we actually released the very first version as a FREE plugin on WordPress in 2009 with that name prior to turning into a commercial product… they say hindsight is always 20-20 and we had no way of knowing that the company that owned the was going to go to create so much online confusion for potential customers that were looking for us.

Now that we have laid out all of the new RETS PRO theme options we will begin the marketing and SEO ranking over the next few months to so that we can skip the pay per click marketing cost and once the videos are all uploaded we will do a 301 redirect to the new domain. In the mean time though I am just going to leave the WP Realty site up and then redirect some of the pages over to the new site so that we can eventually use the WPREALTY site as a WordPress Real Estate Plugin “reviews site” where we will do some side by side comparisons of all known WordPress RETS plugins.


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