Chad Broussard

Chad Broussard is my name and from time to time its necessary to do a little Google Shielding to ensure my name stays on the top of the search results.

So typically what I will do is write about my name like I’m doing now, along with doing some social back links etc, this will help to make sure that my domain name ranks #1 for the search phrase Chad Broussard.

I have also just recently added a Google+ account and tied it into my code snippets in order to now display my Google+ author name and avatar to all my blog post – I even created a new feed-burner account for this blog and added it to several social sites and even the social bookmark sites as well.

Recently I was doing some research on Google+ and I’ve discovered a new way to actually include Realtor’s to all of their indexed listings – yep – and I’m not sharing it with anyone other than my wife’s site for now so that she can dominate for her search results….its so cool…but you will have to wait until my next post so that I can show you what it looks like because we are waiting for the results first.

best regards,
Chad Broussard.