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Leo Clark Chicago | Gold Coast Realty

Recently I had the misfortune of doing business with this guy that I have now dubbed as “Leo The Liar”, which after trying to pull endless revision changes that were not part of the original agreement (but because they were changes that were doubling to also improve on our core product I kept agreeing to do them), up and decides that he is still isn’t happy and pulls a request for a refund for the full amount of the job – THE FULL AMOUNT!

His claim was that the project wasn’t completed in a “timely manner” – this from the guy who was “unavailable” for nearly a month as he was selling out his company and moving to new office space + PLUS from the guy who NEVER even provided us with his RETS/MLS credentials – can you see where I get frustrated with this guys claim to “timely manner”? – thus the name “Leo The Liar”.

So I did some homework on the guy and found some really negative things about him (wished I would have looked before agreeing to do his project) – It seems that he is NOT a very upstanding businessman after all and I guess my story here will lend even more weight to his negative social profile.

If this guy would have made his payment by Check instead of Credit Card then I could bring charges against him for “Theft By Check” – but because it’s a CC then I’m screwed and have to hope like hell that the CC company agrees with me and that they will reimburse me – but it’s been my experience with PayPal that I’m typically the one who gets screwed.

So after completing the PayPal dispute and providing them with a copy of the contract and showing them the website that was completed I’m sure that because this was purchased with a CC I will get screwed “again”. It’s second time in 2 years someone from Chicago has screwed me out of 100% of my time and money – but this time I’m flying to Chicago to take this BUM to court so that he can not only pay for what was ordered and delivered but now he can pay for my Attorney Fees and my Travel Expenses.

The biggest lesson I’ve learned from this project is that from now on I will no longer accept any payments for work over 350.00 with a Credit Card – it’s just way too easy for people to rip you off if you let them pay you with a CC.

Fortunately I will be selling off his project to someone else in the Chicago market so that I can try to recoup part of my lost revenues but in the mean time I will be trashing this guy every chance I get for ripping me off like this.