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SEO is something to think seriously about in the current real estate market when money is tighter than ever and SEO competition is getting MUCH tougher out there.

I was recently doing some seo work and while searching rankings for one of my seo projects I came across another realtor’s site that hadn’t been renewed – which is not really surprising with everything going on right now – so I dug into the whois info and got the scoop on everything…..cha-ching!….bingo!

Now I’m not going to go into a great deal of details about this other than to say that “IF” the site was originally registered through Godaddy then you are in much better shape to scoop up the expired domain.

Why this is such a big deal –
Here are some things that took place for me and how I used/use this now as a part of my newest SEO strategy.

  1. The particular domain that I was able to “scoop up” currently ranked #1 for “Pawleys Island Foreclosures” so now I just saved myself a TON of time and work by getting my client another site that’s already #1 now for that phrase all for about 30 bucks.
  2. The domain was well aged had good back links coming to it and will be a great site to now use to help take over more of the page one positions with the hope that due to its other top 3 phrases also ranked on pages 1,2,3 it won’t take long to get those to now rank higher as well, which will allow for my client to take up more than just one spot on page one but possibly as many as 2 to 4 of the top spots on page one with 2 domains instead of just one.


Now here is what else I came up with after doing some more digging on Godaddy’s domain auctions – I discovered a few more older and aged domains that had been up for a few years that have just been abandoned – now these domains are not all that great and wouldn’t really be that marketable but they contain the most important ingredients “age” meaning they have been live sites for many years and next is “relevance” meaning that the domain name will always contain the City name and something to do with industry… I found and I bought up about 13 more that would go nicely with some of my other projects.

So next all you’ll need to do is go out and find your own great domains and add them to your own private network of domains that should be spread out on various cheap hosted places so that the IP’s are spread out and registered with various accounts etc. Once all that is done you’ll end up having to spend some time building out some bogus content on those domains using the best seo practices to ensure that you are not reciprocal link swapping etc.

Conclusion – Within 6 months what you end up with it your own private link farm of 10 – 20 aged websites that you control “everything” on. I know that link farms are not allowed but as long as it’s only “you” that knows what it’s taking place then and as long as it’s not all registered in your name on all of those domains then who can rat you out?

Now let your competition go out there and try to find themselves 10 – 20 “local”,  “aged”,  “relevant” websites that will link back to them like you are doing – not likely and this is sometimes the biggest factor to beating out competitors for the #1 spot is to have older “local sites” that will link to you.

And finally just to “prove” that there are some great deals to be had for those who think outside of the box – Here are just a few of my latest GREAT acquisitions that are going to convert into some really nice Google adsence money + SEO links for my “Foreclosures” phrases.      #1 – P1  – “Pawleys Island Foreclosures” – cost me 27.00   #10 –P1 – “Albuquerque Foreclosures” – cost me 27.00          #6 – P1 – “Cincinnati Foreclosures” – cost me 27.00  – only a 1 year old site with about a 20 pages cached – not much to it but it will be great for building it out and doing some SEO for it to match the exact domain/search phrase and since I already built out the Hartford MLS it ought to be an easy “re-sale” within 6 months especially once I get it top half of page one w/MLS already on it.

I plan on doing a follow up post to report on my success on using a couple domains for Google adsence ads and to see how this worked out for boosting my SEO at the same time.

So – just start thinking outside of the box and look around, there are lots of ways to make money!

For more information about Myrtle Beach SEO services or Myrtle Beach Web Design I have just launched a brand new Local Myrtle Beach Web Solutions site (not much to look at yet) so that I can list all of my local portfolio as well as using it as another blog so that I can write more specifically about the web industry…… lol – but you won’t ever see me posting any of this juicy SEO information over there for my local competitors to scoop up =)