The good and the bad of expanding

I recently started doing a few promos to help pay for some of the new software features and with that “new” business comes “new” customers.  As much as I love being involved with this software build I’d be amiss to not admit that I hate dealing with customers – not “all” customers mind you – just the really PITA customers. PITA (pain in the ass) customers are the ones that drive me to edge of !@#$%^&*()!! throwing things (or having a drink..or 2,3).

Some people just don’t even try to get it!…….send them a video you say? – Check!
They claimed they watched it and still don’t get it? ….hmm…remake and send a new video – Check!
…..Still? ……#$%^&*!! ..really?

Maybe you should have a phone call and or do a live skype screen share with them? ….sounds good right?

ugh…….the entire time you try to show and explain to them what they need to know/do, they want to talk all over you thus NOT listening to a @#$%^&*!! thing you’ve been saying so what do you do now? …..depends on my day ….sometimes I just might have to SNAPP!! ….lol I wish I could.

I’m going to have to hire someone to just deal with these idiots customers…….and I think I know what I need to do with them is to hire someone from India with a really strong accent to help the PITA customers – PITA Customer, meet “3rd World Support”, your perfect match!! ….muwhahahaha!!

So if you’ve just read this and you’re a customer of mine that’s now dealing with someone that barely speaks english – then this post would explain it!….just saying.


And of course my number #1 rule of writing anything on the web is to always do a line or 2 to plug something such as this WordPress RETS plugin