TransparentRETS Alternative

New RETS import plugin.

Our programmers have begun working on a brand new RETS importer for both our 2x and new 3.0 plugin versions (and will even work for Open-Realty® 2.x).

I have 2 reasons for doing this right now. The first reason is simply because we wanted to have a nice RETS import tool for our 3.0 so that we can also use it for testing our new db a bit more and the second reason is that it gives us another product to sell that will make our 2.x and 3.x plugin more developer friendly.

What we have done is revisit to see view some of the features of TransparentRETS as well as revisiting our own private version in order to produce a brand new product that will work with both of our WordPress Plugins as well as all 2.x versions of Open-Realty®.

We plan on selling this RETS importer as a alternative to TransparentRETS – and the price will be as follows – 199.00 single site license or 499.00 for unlimited sites license.

We have married together some extra features into our version to take advantage of new ideas and feature options in order to make this as simple and straight forward as possible.

Look for this to be coming online sometime between the 5th / 10th of Feb.

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