WordPress SEO versus plain HTML websites

I’ve been using wordpress for several years and I used to think it was “the-way-to-go: for building out SEO projects – but not anymore!

THE key differences when using a CMS versus not using one is the code overhead AND having your sites framework already pre-determined by a Google/Search Engines algorithm.

In the old days I would use a regular HTML or even Joomla website for the front home-page and pages of content and then only use WordPress for the blog/post and I had way better SEO results than I do now when using only WordPress as entire website.

One of my personal plans is to setup a NGINX setup on a test VPS and then testing a static HTML rendered version of my home page and content pages in where I simply take the HTML output and strip it down to only whats needed and then install wordpress into a sub/directory install like I used to do so that I can use it for the blog as well as so that I can use part of its php to process shortcodes within my static html content areas – should be an interesting code and SEO experiment.

Anyone else ever thought about doing this?

Chad Broussard