WordPress 4.5 broke a lot of themes and plugins!

Recently I was doing some work in a client site when I saw the notice to update to wordpress 4.5 – I thought “sure why not” and hit the button to update.

Well to my surprise the theme was broken on a few pages…..I thought hmm, plugin conflict? …nope… so I thought maybe I better jump over to themeforest where I bought the theme and sure enough they confirmed it was the wordpress 4.5 upgrade! But why? I asked.

Here is the problem with all of these developers of these 3’rd party themes and plugins (most broken due to this update!) is that instead of including their own 100% js, jquery libraries they rely on some of the WordPress js, jquery files – but when wordpress upgrades their libraries then BOOM! their product is broken!

At RETS PRO we’ve been developing Joomla, and WordPress scripts since 2005 and one of the very first requirements I made of my programmers was to make damn sure we only pointed to our own local library and not anyone else’s –  that’s made our products not only more stable than anyone else’s it also makes for faster loads since we don’t rely on 3’rd party urls for repositories/libraries connections.

As a result of this recent Pain-In-The-Ass upgrade I had to do to every customer’s website to upgrade their themes and plugins I’m reminded of the fact that I also need to make these other themeforest themes have the ability to do auto updates by inserting my own update scripts into them and then adding them to my own repository because its much easier to click update then to have ftp into each site to manually upload these themes.

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Well that’s my 2 cents for the week!