Working with 960 responsive grids

Well its almost been a week since my last post and man have I made some great progress this week!

About 2 weeks ago I started looking to build out a new master WordPress theme that I could work with for the next 2 to 5 years.

What I came up with, after investing of over 3 days worth of reading and downloading samples of open source code, I finally, and successfully, locked down a new master WordPress Theme architecture that would solve all my problems.

So for about 7 or 8 days I’ve been busy building and testing out all of the new options…….. and only one word comes to mind to describe what I have now – “AWESOME” – and I haven’t even begun the actual graphic design portion yet but I have got well over 90% of the back end code put together.

I just want to say “Thanks” to all of the wonderful open source code advancements over this last year! We were able to take the best gnu/gpl/mit/ code samples and ideas from several great themes and mashed them all up into a brand new pc, mobile, tablet ready theme that is like the Swiss Army knife of the WordPress Themes.

The Skinny – We will be the first people to put out a WordPress Real Estate Theme built on a html5, css3, 960 responsive grid. We will also be the only people to do all of this AND bundle it with our WPR3/WPRETS as well as our 2 main competitors RETS solutions so if you don’t want to buy our RETS solution you can select the bundle that uses our competitors solution and still use our new theme!

I think we will be about ready to push out the beta 3.0 by the first part of next week and it will include a brand new wprets script as well as a new “search form builder” similar to the one idxbroker has but better because ours will also store the forms as unlimited search form templates that allow you to simply paste the template shortcode into any text widget or page/post to display the search form.

Well………..back to work – Jared and I have a lot to get done this weekend including all new listing templates to match the default theme.