Chad Broussard – Google Plus

Well I am very pleased to see how fast Google Plus is ranking and it really looks like its going to be a great tool for doing SEO for ranking things on page one for titles.

It only took about 3 weeks to see that my profile page made it to the bottom of page one when searching for my name and with a little help I think I can go ahead and push it right up under my main domain for Chad Broussard.  With any luck I will be able to grow that social platform into an authority page for things I link to and blog about.

In the mean time I will be also working on my other social accounts to get those to also start ranking for things like WP Realty on Twitter (currently already on page 2) and WordPress Real Estate Plugin on Linked In (currently beyond page 10 still).

So – look for another update in about month from now and we will see how things have improved with the social network rankings =)