Real Estate Websites

Real Estate Websites

We have been building real estate websites for over 7 years and we truly love working with WordPress as our main platform now – but this wasn’t always the case. Years ago we developed real estate sites with Open Realty –but-  it wasn’t very good for our clients because it lacked a decent backend manager for themes/templates so we then started working with Mambo and Joomla, but then we realized that those were just too complicated for the average realtor to use. WordPress was what we had always wanted to use but until about a year ago it still wasn’t quite “good enough”, but it has come a long way in the last 2 years and with the latest WordPress 3.x we can comfortably claim it to be the future of CMS.

We are now working double time to try to release our newest WPR-3.0 Plugin by the first of the year.
This new plugin comes with some really great new features, the first of which is a brand new rewrite from the ground up and an all new admin panel and the second is the ability to subscribe to our MLS feeds via the purchase of an API-License (available “soon” in our shopping cart)

Also this NEW version is GNU/GPL and will no longer require the OR license so we will be re launching the plugin on – So imagine a better than OR, but now gnu/gpl, version available for download from places like WordPress and Joomla!  This will allow for the people who want to stay on their 5 dollar hosting plans and get all the extra commercial upgrades, like MLS, lead router etc. by simply buying our API License.

We’ve added a couple of really important features into this new version so that we can now offer the ability to subscribe to our MLS feeds via the purchase of an API-License (available “soon” in our shopping cart)

We’ve also added a better lead router and google map integration – but still have until mid spring before we will release the map search feature.

And the best part of all is that we already have this working perfectly with WordPress-MU so it wont take us much to convert the new version for compatibility.

We feel that combining our WordPress Real Estate Plugin along with our WordPress Real Estate Themes that we will pretty much dominate the WordPress Real Estate market by mid 2011.