WordPress Real Estate Plugin – the price just went up

Well after dealing with so many 30 dollar bottom feeders looking to have us figure out all their wordpress problems we’ve decided enough is enough and raised all of our prices so that we can afford to give the “real” clients the proper attention they deserve.

The major source of where most of these types of clients have been coming from has been OR.
I just love it when the open-rust clients come over to our site barely able to rub 2 nickels together and then they buy the cheapest license we offer so that they can then demand that we teach them how to do everything with endless support just because they bought a “30-dollar license” from us.  I think that by raising the price we will now keep most of those “free beer loving leeches” over there on the open-rust site where they truly belong.

I had recently corrected a client and had to set him straight on what (was included) with his 30 dollar plugin license purchase (and what wasn’t) so the next thing I see is him posting over at open-rust and I have to say I was THRILLED to see the guys offering to assist him just like they did with the last PITA – IKE.   Now I can sit back and enjoy watching another free beer loving leech suck up 30+ hours (free hours) from the Mods and Admins – funny as hell and great entertainment!

Oh and before I forget – we might as well make an announcement right here and now – there will be NO refugee discount for any disgruntled open-rust clients – We just don’t need them nor do we want them. 😉

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