A Little WPR History

Ever since I did my very first Real Estate site, in 2003, I’ve dreamed of finding a simple to use product that would solve all of my real estate web development needs as well as my clients.

Well I discovered and worked with a product called Open-Realty for several years but I refused to pay the guy a “per-site license” to use his idx/rets solution so I just paid to have some simple code written for me to get me by so that I could do what I needed for a onetime cost to buy the basic php code. The script I bought had no interface at all just plain php code that needed to be manually modified for each project.

Fast forward to 2007 – WP Realty v.1. That was the year I paid to have a couple of CMS bridges made for Open-Realty so that OR would work with both WordPress and Joomla. This was the year I also started selling off all my other publishing and marketing businesses so that I could get ready to focus 100% on my web business.

Towards the end of 2008 I took another look at what WP Realty could do as a business and after looking at the industry and seeing that WordPress was now getting their act together and putting out better code I knew that I would follow through with a re-launch of WP Realty v.2. So by the first quarter of 2009 we had a decent and stable version out there – but – it was still using a forked version of Open-Realty and we hated the database structure and we hated that we didn’t own the core code.

Fast forward again to 2011 – I decided this was the year to do something different with WPR3 – but what? Well I thought about it, spent thousands of dollars exploring ideas and developing other code projects, but it wasn’t until late September that I finally figured out what I wanted and how to do it.

WP Realty went under a complete rewrite from top to bottom with a brand new database and new approach to the way our admin panels would be displayed within CMS web solutions like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc. We have created a main core that has its own stands alone admin panel but relies on the CMS templates and frame work to display our content. We realized that the best approach is to only focus on our own core code and not the rest of the website features that a CMS can do so much better.

WPR3 is currently being completed for the first quarter of 2012.
And here is the latest chapter of this ongoing and ‘Historical’ project………

Here is a screen/mockup of the final custom RETS features to be completed so that we can release this to the public.

This is what my caller said today when I showed him the new WPR3x,
“I know that as a web developer I’ve looked everywhere for something like this.” and “this is awesome!”

I’ve got to admit, it’s very encouraging to hear those types of comments!

For more information about the WordPress Real Estate Plugin project visit the WP Realty website.