Weekly update:

Wow what a super productive week it’s been, even though it looks like I’ve blown a 2k retainer fee I’m still just as happy with the way things are progressing as was what I was looking for all along. That being said I’ve taken to doing my own web purge as well so that everyone can move along with their lives, especially now that I’m employing and hiring new people I have to make sure that I show them that I not only have the companies back but that I have their back as well, which ultimately means putting up the money when and where it’s needed.

Speaking of work – OMG it’s busy! We just took on another build late Friday and hope to have it out by Wed but already talking about 2 more web projects along with finishing up the local Board of Realtors site for a Oklahoma BOR (collaborating with another development company’s project)….so yeah busy – BUT Wait! there’s MORE – lol  We’ve also laid out another product to sell, another site to sell it on, as well as selling yet another version of it on CodeCanyon – going to take Mike about 1-2 weeks to get done but pretty cool as it will certainly add another 2 revenue streams for the company within a few short weeks – it’s going to shake things up out there!

Speaking of CodeCanyon – I was looking at their revenue split – it sucks!  –  They give you (2) options –
Sucks #1 you start off with having to exclusively sell the product on their site and nowhere else and you can start off making 50% of the sale.
Sucks even worse #2 you can list your product as non-exclusive and sell it on your own site as well and making only 36% of the sale + you have to “probably” publicly offer it on your site for the same price as on their site (even though I could not find it I bet its in the fine print when you sign up).

But here is the real kicker – from their website – http://codecanyon.net/legal/author

12. Setting the prices of items: We set the prices of items in some categories on Envato Market. We know how valuable your creations are to you and so we endeavour to make the prices we set for your items fair and in line with the going market rate. Even so, you acknowledge and agree that we have absolute control over the pricing of Envato Market items in categories where we set the prices. There are some categories known as ‘author-driven pricing categories’ where authors set the prices for their items. If you sell items in an author-driven pricing category, you must make all pricing decisions independently. This means that discussions about your pricing decisions are not permitted under any circumstances.

So we’re not really sure if it’s even going to be possible to market from there – but IF we do – we will be doing to Sucks#2 for the worst split because I would rather get the customer to leave from the CodeCanyon site and come visit our site to view all other modules and hopefully purchase from us directly (I’m sure we can figure out a way to include a promo code somewhere if we had to comply with same price match)……anyway after reading the terms and revenue splits I really feel bad for most of the authors over there that are just getting started and I can now see now why the bulk of things there are from 3rd world developers.

Have a great Summer!
– Cheers –

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