WordPress MU 3.0 Real Estate Plugin Now Available!

Well I have been testing out our newest toys and we will be releasing the Brand New WordPress Real Estate Plugin for WordPress 3.0.  We are calling our New Plugin “WPR-MU” and it is just awesome!

Even though WP.3.0 wont be released for a couple of more weeks we are ready to release our new plugin (next week) since we believe that there wont be any additional core changes in WP that will cause us any concerns.  Some of the main features of this new plugin are that you can now use just one mls (or multiple) and if you select just one then it will allow for the listings tables to be shared with all other sub domains while still allowing all sub domains to maintain all of the other tables separately so that users, admins, leads, templates, themes, and SEO options etc. are maintained separately per sub domain.

Here is a nice little screen shot to get you all hot and bothered =)

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