WordPress.org Plugins that require API key’s

I am trying out a new plugin today called “SpatialMatch” that was recommended for me to look over and review it for an up-coming project.

Well…..Installed plugin and right off the bat I’m reminded of something that I think WordPress needs to outlaw/prohibit from ever being accepted as a “listed plugin” on their site. Plugins that require an API key or any other licensing key or especially any plugins that require any kind of call-backs to 3’rd party server/sites to verify said key/license should NOT be allowed to simply USE WordPress.org as an advertising portal! ….So that being said I have jumped through all of the hoops “registration etc” and now I’m STILL waiting over an hr+ on a license key to be emailed back to me….STRIKE-1! =(

I think WordPress should review its own policy about bogus GNU/GPL plugins that are bypassing their Open Source requirements by posting “commercial” plugins such as DSIDX that consist of basically a single file that is nothing more than a form that you have to insert an API key into in order to use their commercial product. These types of plugins are very misleading and should not be an acceptable practice that is condoned by WordPress or the WordPress Community.

I’ll be sure to update this post with a complete review of this plugin…..if I ever get my API key emailed to me……

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