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WP Realty has certainly taken up a great deal of my time during the first half of 2012 and it looks like the second half is going to be no different.

With over 40k now invested into this project I can still foresee at least another 20k being spent – not a cheap endeavor!  But we actually have a  really great product now and its only getting better with every dollar spent.

WP Realty will finally deliver on its promise of a “Better Than” dsidx and idxrokers Map solution later this month and then will begin on the second largest undertaking with our new “CRM” project. Once I deliver on those 2 items it will be time to move on to marketing this WordPress Real Estate Plugin solution and hiring some support staff.

I guess I’ll keep this post short and just throw in a couple of links to add to my shield WP Realty Chad Broussard

Chad Broussard 

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