RETS PRO Review – New!

RETS PRO review for the brand new 4.0.5x version.

This is like many other retspro reviews – I’m a little biased since it’s been my baby for 9+ years. So, with that disclaimer, I’m super excited to roll this review out with a 4 out of 5-stars review rating. Why on 4 out of 5? Well as always, I tell it like it is so there are still a few things I wanted that didn’t make it into this release due to time constraints-> (programmer getting married and gone for 2 weeks)…. yeah can you believe he would do that to me?

So that being said, lets review some of the most important notes in this RETS PRO release.

My top 5 starts here;

  1. New option to select any RETS fields to be shown or hidden from Non-Logged-In customers. No hand coding templates required.
  2. Added (2) New Conditional Template tags that can be used within any template file to Hide or Show what’s within the tag based on user logged-in
  3. New “Show Current Count Value” this is new little shortcode you can stick anywhere to show live count while you change the search form criteria.
  4. Added new options to “Search Form Builder” that allows custom submit button sort-by and rets-id select options as well as custom delimited string search.
  5. New duplicates removal – select the RETS id# you want and the field to match i.e. “Address”  and then set the cron – done
  6. Working Listing Alerts and Saved Search Alerts – FINALLY!
  7. My FAVORITE thing of all = 100% removal of  “MBX” references from all code and moved the entire folder out of the wpradmin directory.


What is the best WordPress Real Estate Plugin?
The answer is still “RETS PRO”, and with all of the remaining features we are pouring into this plugin, pending CRM and then with upcoming enterprise CRM solution, I just can’t see where anyone else can make a claim that there is anything better available for purchase.

Doing RETS PRO Reviews are always more fun when you can throw in a teaser video – so I’ll stop right here for now and get that ready for tomorrow.

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