Best WordPress Real Estate Plugins for 2018

Well, 2018 is already off to the races, just like our economy – MAGA!  Ha! Google probably just “devalued” this post since I included that…but whatever, its time to talk about what is happening this 2018 with all of the New WordPress Real Estate Plugins!!

Every day our phone is blowing up with calls for more information about how our RETS PRO Real Estate WordPress Plugin works and how does it stack up against xyz etc etc. We just love to tell people all about the features we’ve got packed into this product and how versatile it can be so that anything you can dream up is “doable”.  But sadly there will always be the haters out there trying to make up lies and false claims about what our product can do or can-not-do. So I’ve come up with a great new concept this year and by the end of March everyone will be able to login and use our live-demo-site.

To make things even greater we are rolling out a brand new 499 version that will be auto-installed upon purchase – that’s right “Auto-Installed” No more waiting around or taking 2+ weeks like some of our competitors. What’s the catch? yeah there is a catch to this version and that is it will be a Managed Version that requires you to host on our servers for a monthly hosting + vendor fee if we are your RETS vendor. But – BUT here is the best part – You only pay 499 and your site is instantly setup and ready to go and looks exactly like the demo except with all your RETS data already done if we are the vendor – no waiting! PLUS if you LOVE our product and want to move it all to your own server and use your own RETS credentials then all you pay for is the upgrade charge and we will even assist you with the move* (up to 1 hour) for FREE.

Managed hosted on our server = 499/setup + hosting + RETS vendor *fees if we are the vendor
*(if you have your own RETS creds then that is waved)

Single site license = 999 this is auto-installed with a license key onto our servers (you can do whatever you want but) WE will only work on projects located on our own servers. So this is now a new requirement as we will no longer offer support dealing with 3rd party hosting issues due to too many DIY customer don’t know the first thing about IT!  (we allow for unlimited subdomains with same KEY)

Developer license will now be = 4999  No license key – No encryption – Unlimited Domains – We will work with you to solve your hosting issues and we even offer Server Setup/Configurations for a small additional fee of $100 dollars.Got to run for now, but that should get everyone something new to think about and while you’re at it – if you haven’t already snagged our 2999 priced developers license then I’d consider doing so within next 2 weeks before the price and package structure changes – just saying.

Oh and here is that shameless little plug I need to add in here Best 2018 WordPress Real Estate Plugins 

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