cb1I built the ChadBroussard.com website several years ago as a place that I could use to express my views, thoughts and opinions on everything from simple day-to-day life issues, to politics etc. but most importantly my work related challenges and all that comes with dealing with real estate websites and various customer(s) projects (the-good-the-bad-and-the-ugly).
What I love the most about having my own website here is that I never have to worry about offending anyone and having any of my social accounts turned off due to not being PC enough – its simple, don’t like what I have to say? then just click on the exit-X link in your browser tab! – but if you’re curious and want to keep up with my rants on life as “a politically conservative web developer” (you’ve been warned lol =) then follow me via the RSS link in the sidebar.


Chad Broussard – RETS PRO – SEO

I have decided that I’m going to try a couple of NEW SEO ideas out to see if by simply adding (2) SEO plugins will bump up my rankings for the 2 sites listed below in the description.

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Once I have the SEO before and after rankings I’ll re-update this post up above with the final details of my test.

Give the information provided above a try on your own website like I’m doing here for Chad Broussard and see how well it works for you!